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This is The ValueAI, We are conducting research on how to use artificial intelligence and programming for value investing.

  • Having rich macroeconomic data, database resources for stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, enterprises, individuals and more.
  • Focusing on exploring investment opportunities in the changing technology trends and business models.
  • Having text summaries and text-to-speech will make learning companies more efficient.
  • Using AI will not decide for us what would make for a good investment but it will make the work needed to do value investing easier.


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Apr 1, 2023

Hello the ValueAI.

We have created The ValueAI to provide investors with enhanced portfolio management services. Our software utilizes machine learning technology, empowering investors to enhance their investment process, find new ideas, manage risk and create alpha. Users of our software can create various use case prediction models based on their professional knowledge in the financial field using fundamental data, macro or customized data.
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